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Fill-the-words is a word-finding game offering several hundreds of levels of intellectual excitement. Search for hidden words while cute monsters help you along the way. Will you master this game and fill in the spaces with missing words and fill the receptacles with liquid of different colors?
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Word Invasion

Aliens from another planet have a space trip to Earth. They are going to spend 100 minutes on their flight and they will learn a human language during this time. But alien’s brain works different, not as human one. They need associations to understand a word. Guess as much words as possible in the game and help aliens to learn our language.

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Guess the Words

Amazing word puzzle with funny clues. Guess hidden words by building them out of letters and get a maximum score. In trouble? No problem, touch a word and get an informal hint from a funny creature. Still cannot guess a word? Then use bunch of letters to open up the word, letter by letter! Perhaps it will give you a lead on another word? Then you get a score there too!

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Colorit is something new in puzzle games with balls. Install this game and you will not be able to stop playing this great puzzle!

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